Hello players, cheerleaders, coaches and board members past and present.

This year marks the 50th Anniversary of the Pig Bowl- Guns and Hoses Football Charity Game.

The first game was played in 1975 where the teams were made up of members from the Sacramento Police Department and Sacramento Sheriff’s Office. They battled each other for 30 years. Now the game is made up of local law enforcement personnel playing against local fire personnel. The history of this game shall never be forgotten as hundreds of law enforcement and fire personnel take to the gridiron in order to honor the fallen heroes in our region.

This charity football game has donated over $1.5 MILLION DOLLARS to local charities.  We are proud to say this is the LONGEST RUNNING CHARITY GAME IN THE NATION!

In order to preserve and honor this tradition we have created personalized rings for players and coaches, as well as pendants for cheerleaders and board members. If you have, in the past 50 years played in a Pig bowl or acted as a coach you are eligible to purchase a commemorative ring. If you have ever been a cheerleader or a board member you are eligible to purchase a commemorative pendant. Each ring and pendant will be personalized to each individual.

Click on the button below to purchase your ring or pendant. The link will walk you through the options for each. There is one ring for fire and one for law. You will see the pricing for each when you click on the link.

The first order will close on June 30th, 2023.  The second order will close on August 31st , 2023.

All orders placed through the link will go into production and will take approximately eight weeks to complete.

We have received an overwhelming response in the desire to purchase these items. If you are eligible and would like to purchase one please do so by the close dates listed above. Each order will be approved by the Pig Bowl-Guns and Hoses committee to validate your eligibility. We have attached a picture of the ring and pendant.  Once you place your personalized order, you will be contacted for payment.

If you have any question please email the Pig Bowl- Guns and Hoses Director, Cary Trzcinski at [email protected]

Thank you for your continued support,

Pig Bowl- Guns & Hoses Committee